Tuesday, February 7, 2017


A CLASS for New Racers  (Newbies and Oldies)

Amateur Hard-Body Modified is a the newest HO racing class in SCHOR. The purpose of this class is to allow racers who are new or returning to HO slot racing to be involved in organized SCHOR racing without having to spend a lot of money, or having to compete with more experienced HO slot racers. The intention is to create an easy and fun low-tech racing class, that permits a wide variety of hard-body HO cars to be raced together, with an emphasis on creating parity through rule (magnets and tires) adjustments.

This event is usually the first race of the days program, and the races are 2 or 3 minute heats w/1.5 minutes for pit time.

The only approved chassis for the Amateur Hardbody class are: Tomy Mega G and Tomy Mega G+ (short and long), Tyco 440-X2, Tomy Super G+, Tomy SRT, Auto World Super III, and Life-Like/Rokar M and T, brand cars, and the box-stock Hardbody Wizzard Storm car.   All other brands are not allowed in this class! 

ANY STYLE BODY (Indy/F1, NASCAR, GTP, LMP, etc.) hard plastic or resin bodies can be utilized in this Amateur Hardbody class.  

In addition to the General Rules, the following requirements must also be met.
  • Hard Bodies can only be lowered utilizing a body clip (like the Viper "lower" body clip or some other brand). 
  • They must be mounted in original chassis position  
  • Hard bodies can not be lightened.  
  • Mega G Traction Magnets must remain in stock position 
  • Front and Rear Wings are optional and not required for this class

The following upgrades are allowed, but are not required:
  • Double-Flanged Rear Rims,
  • Slip-on silicone rear tires,
  • O-ring, sanded, or smaller (thinner) front tires (no Independent rotating fronts).
  • Any rear pinion and/or crown gears.
  • Rear axle pins. 

The modifications and restrictions below are based on the brand of car you are racing.

  • TOMY MEGA G+ : Upgraded Neo Traction mags (level 48,50,52 Chrome or Gold)
  • TOMY MEGA G 1.5 or 1.7 : Upgraded Neo Traction mag (level 48,50,52 Chrome or Gold)
  • TOMY SRT : Upgraded Neo Traction magnets (level 48,50,52) or Polymer magnet bar
  • TOMY SUPER G+ : Gray Tomy or Level 10 traction magnets.
  • TYCO 440-X2: BSRT #271, Wizzard MHP 11B, HCS Pro-8 or Pro 10 Polymer Traction magnets
  • LIFE LIKE T CAR - Silicone-Sponge rear tires are allowed
  • LIFE LIKE M CAR - Silicone-Sponge rear tires are allowed
  • AUTO WORLD SUPER III - Silicone-Sponge rear tires are allowed 
  • WIZZARD STORM HARDBODY - Slip-on rear tires

Additional minor modifications/adjustments will be subject to review of the Race Director.

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