Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"Best Looking Race Car" 

Although many newer SCHOR racers may not be aware of it, SCHOR has a long tradition of presenting attractive and realistic looking HO Slot cars.  Many well known long-time SCHOR members including Jim "Concours" Williams, Dave Rothwell (of Rothwell Bodies), Pete Santini (Santini Paint), and others have showcase their formidable painting and detailing skills while racing in SCHOR.  

In honor of that long tradition - and in appreciation of the very nice work and effort that many current SCHOR racers are putting into their slot cars we are introducing the "BEST LOOKING RACE CAR" or "BLRC" classification.  BLRC is not a Concours class!  It is a Race Car Class and it only applies to cars that are ENTERED and RACED in a given SCHOR event.  

BLRC is also a NEW POINTS CATEGORY.  There will be One (1) Racing Point awarded to the best looking HO slot car that is entered into each racing class of the day.  That means you can get 1 point for Am Hardbody, 1 point for Am Super Stock, 1 point for NEO, etc.   

Slot cars will be judged right before each race by 3 SCHOR racers.  

"A Clean Car is a Fast Car": The Best Looking Race car that wins each class will have that one winning point/s added to the overall total points accumulated for that days racing class.  Also BLRC points will be tracked throughout the year and the top 3 racer/s with the most BLRC points for each class will receive awards and the end of the SCHOR racing season.

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