Tuesday, February 7, 2017


SCHOR 2017

In order to keep things from falling into chaos and to maintain some semblance of organization and fairness, you pretty much need some rules.  In the case of auto racing, and I mean ANY auto racing - from real cars all the way down to HO scale slot cars - you DEFINITELY need some rules!   Here are the current SCHOR 2016 rules.  Our General rules are pretty comparable to what you'll see in most of the national and regional HO clubs and organizations across the country, and our Super Stock and NEO classes are also very similar.  But just like other places, here in SO CAL we do have a few things that we like to do our own way (like Hardbodies and our "So-Cal" Modifieds).   So check 'em out...

Hot Rod slides through the Tech Block



1. Maximum allowable length of the entire car is 3.00 inches. Maximum allowable width is 1.3125 inches. Minimum allowable wheelbase is 1.375 inches. Maximum allowable lateral front axle movement is .03125 inches.

2. Body should be a scale replica of an actual 1:1 racing or street car. Body can be of the vacuum -formed variety. Vacuum-formed body must have clear front wheel openings (if front wheel wells are not cut out). The body must be painted. Except through legal openings, the body must cover the chassis when viewed from the sides and above. Any car without a body or an interfering body will not be allowed to continue to run.

3. Only one guide pin per car is allowed which may be glued in place. Car must be equipped with four rolling tires.

4. All stock replacement parts, specifically including magnets, must be available on a commercial basis and as a matter of routine business to all SCHOR participants.

5. Any axles, tires, gears, and guide pin may be used. Pickup shoe holders and pickup shoes may be bent for better electrical contact.

6. Armature and electrical system must be stock or stock replacement. The single pole resistance for any armature can not be less than 5.8 ohms measured pole to pole at room temperature. Armatures cannot be turned - including commutator or rotor stack. The commutator cannot be advanced and no part of the armature can be balanced in any way.

7. All magnets must remain in their stock locations for all SCHOR classes.

8. Grooving of bulkheads and bottom of chassis must occur naturally, i.e. car must be run under it’s own power on an unaltered track/rail surface. Chassis may not be sanded, cut, or modified in any way unless specifically allowed.

9. Any individual parts of the car may be replaced during a race except for the original chassis and body.

10. Any car that is hazardous to the track, marshals, drivers, or other cars will not be allowed to run.

11. The Race Director will have "FIA" privileges at his discretion on any and all rules and to even up the classes if necessary.

Click here for all the 2017 SCHOR rules...

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