SCHOR is the abbreviation for Southern California HO Racers. SCHOR is one of the oldest HO Slotcar racing organizations in the country and boasts many of the pioneers, developers, and leaders in the HO racing hobby/sport as past or present members including: Gary Beedle of Scale Auto and BSRT; Tony Porcelli of Slottech; John "The Jet" (and Legend) Cukras; Multi T-jet National Champion Rick Jocham; Multiple Concours National Champion Jim Williams; Doug Shepard of Go-fastest and 21st Century Tracks.  T-jet controller and track builder Scott Dunlap; and a lot of other great racers and contributors.



Up until about 8 years ago SCHOR had a monthly newsletter that announced races, listed race results, maintained race points, and generally did on paper a lot of what this blog is trying to do on the internet. Also back then, SCHOR was a real official organized club with a president and officers, annual dues, race points,  pro and amateur racing classes, T-shirts, caps, trophies,  AND... the Annual weekend-long SCHOR SPRING-NATS, an HO racing event that attracted racers from all over the western US.  For most of those years SCHOR's president was John "The Jet" Cukras ("The Legend from Long Beach"), the world famous slot racer, motor and chassis builder, and major HO slot car designer. John also use to write the SCHOR newsletter.  A short while back I had a talk with John and asked him for permission to publish old copies of the SCHOR newsletters here on SLOT CARS SO CAL.  Not only did he grant me permission to post them, he also sent me a stack of just about every old SCHOR newletter he ever wrote. So if you're interested in some real So Cal Slot Car history and data, or you just wanna remember the "good old days" of the So Cal HO Racing scene, stop back often and read the latest updates of the Vintage SCHOR Newletters. I'll be periodically posting them here on this blog as time goes on.