Monday, February 6, 2017



The SCHOR Pro and Amateur Super Stock HO racing class is open to racers as long as the entered car is in compliance with the following rules:

Must meet all SCHOR General Rules except for the following:

 1. Armature and electrical system may be stock, stock replacement, or commercially available “Hot Stock” (balanced and trued). The single pole resistance for any armature can not be less than 5.8 ohms measured pole to pole at room temperature.

2. Vacuum formed bodies per General Rules #2 are allowed.

3. Drilling for body mounting tubes is allowed.

4. Traction magnets may have reversed polarity. Non-conductive shims may be used to restrict the    movement of the motor magnets, top only.

5. Motor and Traction magnets may be shimmed on top with non - conductive material.

6. Rear armature bearing may be glued in place.

7. Chassis may be pinned for front pickup shoe hanger reinforcement.

8. Rear axle may be pinned for retention.

9. All magnets must be ceramic or level 4 ceramic-grade bonded magnets from BSRT, VIPER, Wizzard or Slottech.

10. Any rear wheels and tires, and any pinion or crown gear may be used.

  The following chassis are approved Chassis for this class:
  • Slottech Thunder Cat & Slottech Panther
  • Tyco 440 X2 & BSRT T2
  • BSRT G3-R
  • Wizzard Storm & Wizzard Patriot
  • DeCosmo T+ Chassis and/or Bulkheads
  • Viper V1

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