Monday, February 6, 2017

2020 SCHOR NEO CLASS Rules...

SCHOR NEO (Drop-In) Class
(The Biggest and the Baddest)

The SCHOR NEO HO slot racing class is open to racers of all experience levels as long as the entered car is in compliance with the following rules, and provided that you have the required "large attachments" to handle it.


Must meet all SCHOR General and Modified 
rules except for the following:

1. Replacement rare earth neodymium motor and neodymium traction magnets are allowed. wing magnets are not allowed.

2. Motor ball bearings and shunt wires may be used.

3. Sanded chassis bottom and traction magnets with any spacers are allowed.

4. Ball Bearings on front and rear axle are NOT allowed.

5. Tyco 440x2, Tomy Super G+ and Panther cars may run a rear NEO plate, as defined as a reinforced rear end modification of non-conductive material which cannot extend beyond the vertical plane defined by the front edge of the traction magnets.

Wizzard Patriot NEO
  The following chassis are approved Chassis for this class:
  • Slottech Thunder Cat & Slottech Panther
  • Tyco 440 X2 & BSRT T2
  • BSRT G3-R
  • Tomy Super G+
  • Wizzard Storm & Wizzard Patriot
  • DeCosmo T+ Chassis and/or Bulkheads
  • Viper V1
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Vintage Tyco NEO

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