Monday, February 6, 2017


(The fast and the furious!)

The SCHOR Pro-Mod class is a little different than the Pro-Modified classes that you'll find in most of the large racing organizations.  The main difference is a boost in horsepower.  In SCHOR, a Pro Modified can run armatures as hot as 2.5 OHMs.  This makes for a SMOKIN' FAST slot car that has no trouble pulling the level 25 magnets that have been on the scene for quite a while now.

The SCHOR Pro Modified Class HO racing class is open to racers of all experience levels as long as the entered car is in compliance with the rules for this class:

SCHOR Modified rule as of 2020

Over the past couple of years HO slot car parts manufacturers have gone from producing machined Ceramic and High Grade Polymer Magnets to now making less-costly and not-as-strong "Bonded Polymer Magnets". This change has created a lot of confusion and brought about a shake-up of the racing rules, especially in the Modified and the Restriced Open (R/O) racing classes across the country. We here at SCHOR have up until now been able to side step these changes.  But now, after a lot of thought, we have come up with a way to integrate the new "bonded" products into our existing SCHOR Modified class. The adjustments below spell out the changes, and since the new Bonded Polymer Configuration is actually slower than the traditional SCHOR Modified Configuration we don't anticipate any problems with this alteration.   So now you can legally run either set-up and see which one works best for you on a given SCHOR track.

Must meet all SCHOR General and Super Stock 
rules except for the following:

 1. Armatures may be rewound, trued, epoxied, balanced, etc. Single pole resistance for any armature cannot be less than 2.5 ohms (or 36 gauge arm) measured pole to pole at room temperature.

 2. Helper springs or shims may be used in the Tomy endbell to insure proper motor brush tension, but cannot extend outside the endbell.

 3. Motor ball bearings may be used. No shunt wires allowed.

 4. Adjustable brush barrels, motor bushings, and chassis clips are allowed.


5m. Motor magnets MUST BE CERAMIC ONLY - stock Tomy, Tyco, Wizzard, and Slottech ceramic magnets. (No Bonded Motor Magnets of any kind).

6m. Polymer traction magnets can be ANY BRAND or STRENGTH from LEVEL 10 up to LEVEL 25.


Any allowed chassis can be raced in the new Bonded Polymer Configuration. (Bonded Polymer Motor Magnets and Bonded Polymer Traction Magnets from BSRT, Slottech, Viper). This configuration features STRONGER MOTOR magnets than the Modified configuration, but WEAKER traction magnets than Modified.

5b. The ONLY Motor magnets allowed in the Bonded Magnet Confirguration are as follows:  
  • BSRT #271, #276, #277, #290, #292; 
  • Wizzard MHP53A (Square backs)
  • Slottech #61, #62, #80, and #81
  • Viper Poly Pro-10
6b. The ONLY Traction magnets allowed in the Bonded Magnet Confirguration are as follows:
  • BSRT #286 (can also be used on Wizzard Storm)
  • Wizzard A3PE11 (for P3) and MHP11B (Tyco) 
  • Slottech  #66, #67, #68, #85, #86
  • Viper Poly Pro-10   
The following chassis are approved Chassis for this class:
  • Slottech Thunder Cat & Slottech Panther
  • Tyco 440 X2 & BSRT T2
  • BSRT G3-R
  • Tomy Super G+
  • Wizzard Storm & Wizzard Patriot
  • DeCosmo T+ Chassis and/or Bulkheads
  • Viper V1

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