Saturday, October 18, 1997

SCHOR Tracks - Coyote Raceway

Coyote Raceway no longer exists, but back when it was in operation it was one of the very nicest tracks on the SCHOR circuit.  It was built by it's original owner Roger Cortouis back in the ninties, It was a 6 lane Tomy track with big deep cycle battery power and Trix Trax timing & scoring.  Sometime around 1999 Roger sold the Coyote to fellow SCHOR racer David Zoriki.  The track was last seen in use at the 2001 SCHOR SpringNats in Gardena, CA.  Shortly after that the stock Tomy track rails were removed and there was a plan to convert it to smooth continous rails.  That conversion never happened and in the Coyote faded into history.  There were rumors that it had been dismantled or destroyed, but it suddenly popped up on eBay this past January 2010.  A guy in Las Vegas won it, and it turns out that "the rails are still missing".  Oh well!!  It WAS a great track!  Maybe we'll see it in action again some day.

The most recent photo of the Coyote in storage circa 2009...