Monday, July 26, 2010


 California Classic Reunion Enduro

If you were there then you know what a great day of racing, food, and fun we had. If you missed it, then there's always next year, because this race was so good, and so much fun that we're hoping to make it an annual SCHOR summer event.

Jim Williams really out did himself this time
The weather was great and the track was excellent 
We had 18 racers on 4 teams 
We raced 4 hours and 15 mins per lane 
and in the end...

Team MRT wins 
with 3782 laps
Team San Diego grabs second
Team Gulf-Lola comes in third
Team Mixed-Nuts is fourth
"Haywire" is back in town!
That's right Garry Hayworth has moved back to So Cal
and he raced in the Enduro on Team Mixed Nuts.

A Great Race - Great food - Great friends - Tons of fun 



All Photos by Paul Katada

Friday, July 16, 2010

RACE REMINDER - RACE #7 in San Pedro tomorrow

This is a very special race, which will hopefully become an 
annual SCHOR summer tradition.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lewis Hamilton - Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

I went to The Goodwood Festival of Speed in England last week. (Sunday only). I thought that I'd try to catch a glimpse of Lewis Hamilton but that was not to be. The guy is almost as big as the Beatles in the U.K., so it's close to impossible to find or get close enough to him for a photo or autograph. I saw his brother, his boss - Martin Whitmarsh, his car - the 2008 MP4-23 McLaren (some video of it while parked in the paddock), but no Lewis. I ultimately settled for the pics and the "raw videos" posted here. Goodwood was a complete blast. There's nothing like it anywhere else. A must see if you can.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SCHOR 2010 - HO Slot Car Race #7 - Summer ENDURO

Racers and Slotheads

Summer is here already and in the Summer time there's a lot happening, including car races and barbeques.