Thursday, July 26, 2012

The BIG SHOT H.O. SHOOTOUT RACE is coming...

Yep, that's right all you Slot Racers!  SCHOR Racer Mike Low is putting on the Biggest, Baddest HO Slot Car Race that we've seen around these here parts in a long time.   It's the "BIG SHOT H.O. SHOOTOUT" and it's gonna be held at the world famous Buena Park Raceway (BPR) this coming Labor Day weekend - August 31st and September 1st.  There will be a total of 7 race classes ranging from Brass Cars and T-jets (on Friday night) to a Mega-G IROC, and four more races run under SCHOR rules: Hardbody, Super Stock, Modified and NEO on Saturday.   There will also be trophies awarded for the podium positions in all classes.  So clean up your gear and "get ready to rumble"!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Race Results: SCHOR Race #4 at Mike Low's

Darren wins both Am events 
Hardbody & and Am Super Stock.

Morgan is fast man in Pro-Hardbody

Mike Low dominates Pro Super Stock
and is fastest in Modified.

It was the day right before Father's Day, and there are a lot of Dad's in SCHOR.  Which is probably why we had the lightest turn out of racers in a real long time.  But there were six of us, and with some creative race programing on the computer we had just enough turn marshalls.  Mike has recently done some work on the HAMMER and the tracks rails are now very nicely dialed in.  So it was time to race!   We got on with our usual SCHOR brand of fast and furious HO slot racing, and it was filled with that usual SCHOR fun and laughter.

On this particular day we used a blended format for both Hardbody and Super Stock.  That meant that Darren and Mickey (both Ams) got thrown in to race with the old pros:  Mike, Oscar, Ed, and Morgan.  But just like at Le Mans, they were racing as Ams and we raced as Pros which gave us two separate sets of points and results from those events.

In the Hardbody race Morgan managed to fine a good set-up on his old Tomy Super G+ that put him out in front of the pros, and Darren Angelo had his Tomy Turbo SRT dailed in to take the win on the Amatuer side with Mickey Hurtado running a strong second.

In Super Stock Mike Low had his BSRT G3R completely hooked up and went on to dominate the pros. Once again Darren had the right stuff and took top points for the Ams, with Mickey Hurtado only 2 laps back in a strong second place.

It was then time for the speed.  Mike Low and Eddie Torres had quite a race long battle with Mike walking away in the last heat for a solid, fast win in Modified.

All and all, another Saturday of solid SCHOR racing.