Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Results: Results: SCHOR 2012 Race #2

John Cronin dominates Rookie Hardbody and Amateur Super Stock

Ben podiums 4 times and edges out Dan to win in Pro Hardbody

Mark "MRT" MacVittie blister's the entire field in Pro Super Stock

Dan wins big in Pro Modified.

Eddie "The Snake" snatches a close one in NEO


The St. Patricks Day SCHOR race of 2012 will long be remember as one of the wettest race days in SCHOR history.  Our race host Dan Cronin was as prepard as any good race host could be for the stormy weather, but the wind and rain was determined and we battled mother nature all day long.  In spite of the weather challenges we had a great turn-out which produced some great (slightly wet) HO racing.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Race Results: Results: SCHOR 2012 Race #1

"Mystery man" Sean takes Rookie Hardbody

John "The Jet" dominates Pro Hardbody with his Cukras-Mega G

Ben is fastest in Super Stock

Mike Low shows everybody the way in Pro-Modified

It's been a long time comin' but we finally managed to get the 2012 SCHOR HO Racing season underway. There was a great turn-out of SCHOR racers, and our famous So Cal winter weather cooperated too.  This was the very first time that we have raced magnet cars on Mike's new twisty but fast "HO International" layout.  It proved to be a bit of a set-up challenge (lots of 7/25 gears and full brakes!) but in the end the racing was quick and fun.