Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The new HO SLOT CAR SPEED SHOP in San Diego

Morgan's HO Slot Car Speed Shop

aka: Kensington Speedway - Again!

HO Racing is finally back in San Diego!  There hasn't been a place to race HO slot cars with a high quaility track in for 17 years, but it has now return with this cozy little shop.  Gary Morgan last had the "Kensington Speedway" back in 1997.  Now fast-forward to 2014 and he's opened his "HO SLOT CAR SPEED SHOP" on the east end of Mission Valley not far from Qualcomm stadium.  It features a super-fast, custom, Cronin built "BP-1 Engleman" track with TrakMate timing.   The new Speed Shop is all about fast, fun, high-quaility HO racing.  Morgan builds custom slot cars, offers advise, and carries lots of high performance HO cars and HO racing parts.  But what the Speed Shop is really all about is racing, racing, and more HO racing. 

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Slot Car Speed Shop 
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Custom HO Slot Car of the Month - March

This is a custom painted "MUSCLE MILK" PORSCHE RS SPYDER LMP HO Slot car body by Jim "Concours" Williams.  It is mounted on a very fast BSRT G3-R chassis that has lots of high performance parts including:  An O-Ring front end, and a High Performance Crown Gear and LEVEL 10 Bonded Polymer traction magnets.  The motor has the all-new really fast 3.9 Ohm G-car armature, and it comes with a pair of Double flanged rims and Slip-On Silicone rear tires for excellent traction.