Sunday, September 29, 2013

San Diego's Finest, and Fastest...

Tim Bunch, Bob Thurman, Leroy Vega, Art Tarver, Tom Snedon and Neil Kuhns.

Not too long ago there was a gathering of some of San Diego's finest, fastest, and okay oldest (LOL) slot racers. This rare group of real fast guys from the gold era of San Diego slot racing got together to trade stories and reminisce about past slot car adventures.  I remember racing Group 20 way back in 73 and 74 with Rene Romero, Bob Johannes, Dennis "Foamy" Hill and all of these guys on the big Engleman at the old Armed Services YMCA in downtown San Diego.  These were the fast guys, and many a weekend they'd jump into a car or two and make the 100+ mile trek up to LA for some real hard-core racing against the slot car legends in Long Beach, LA, and the OC.  It's kinda funny now because I never rode up with them to race way back then (I did go up once see the Can-Am cars at Riverside in 74), but now - many years later I find myself driving to LA almost once a month for that very same reason - except now I'm going to race Super-Fast HO cars with one of their old rivals - John "The Jet" Cukras and batch of other fast HO racers in LA.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oscar "Big O" Morales - R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that I bring this news.  Our longtime SCHOR racing buddy, Oscar Morales aka: "Big O" and "Bugman" passed away at his home this past Wednesday evening.  Oscar was a true character, a little gruff on the outside, but a genuine friend and a truly nice and very funny man. He grew up slot racing in L.A. and could talk for hours about the cars, tracks, racers and history of both the HO and 24th scale So Cal slot car scene.  He was at the "Big Shot" race just two weeks ago laughing, racing, and having a good time. SCHOR and all of slot racing just won't be the same without him.

R.I.P.  Oscar

Monday, September 16, 2013

RACE RESULTS: BIG SHOT 2 at Buena Park Raceway

If you didn't make it to Mike Low's Big Shot 2 Shootout at Buena Park Raceway last week, then you missed some real fun and fast racing on Mike's AMAZING and all new Brad Bowman built HO track.  It was designed so that it could be placed on top of the 24th scale flat track at BPR.  Here are the results and some pics (for those of you not on the Slotblog). It was a long race day but we definitely had a good time, and I can't wait to race on the BP2 Bowman track again.  A big thank you to Mike Low for putting on such a cool event.

Mike's new and Amazing HO Track 

The ironmen (raced every race): Gary Morgan, Glenn Gordon, Dale Yamashita, Mark McVittie, Francis McEntee
Most podiums: Dan Cronin (2), Rick Jocham (2), Gary Morgan (2), Glenn Gordon (2) 
Best HO rookie; Eddie Shorer, 3rd in FrayJet and 5th in Superstock
Best walk up racer (give me a car, any car, and I will drive the heck out of it!#%$?): Alex Freund, 3rd in Superstock
Best slot car raceway; BPR 
    2013-09-07 13.53.02.jpg2013-09-07 14.13.36.jpg2013-09-07 13.52.42.jpg

2013-09-07 19.10.02.jpg
2013-09-07 19.09.23.jpg2013-09-07 18.51.18.jpg2013-09-07 18.51.28.jpg


    2013-09-07 14.16.48.jpg
    Modified Podium 
2013-09-07 19.11.48.jpg
Super Stock Podium 

      2013-09-07 22.39.57.jpg
      Fray Jet Podium

    2013-09-07 23.59.41.jpg
    Gravity Car Podium

    Wow what a long day!
    Wow the racing was great, a lot of close dicing.
    Thank you to all that supported the race, Debbie and the staff at BPR, all the racers that came and raced.

    Mike Low
    Cry like a baby, drive like a girl, walk like a man. 
    Give me enough rope and I'll build a fast car