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There hasn't been a place to race  HO slot cars with a high quality, high speed HO slot car track in for 17 years, but it has now return with this cozy little shop. Gary Morgan last had the "Kensington Speedway" back in 1997.  Now fast-forward to 2014 and he's opened his new "HO SLOT CAR SPEED SHOP" on the east end of Mission Valley on Twain Street near Mission Gorge Road - not far from Qualcomm stadium.  It features a super-smooth and super fast, 65 foot Custom built "Engleman" layout that features a "TrackMate" Computer timing system. .

The new Speed Shop is all about fast, fun, high-quality HO racing. Morgan builds custom slot cars, offers advise, and carries lots of high performance HO cars, parts, and accessories for many brands including: Tyco, Tomy Super G+, Mega-G, Lifelike, Auto World, Aurora, SRT, Wizzard, BSRT, Slottech and others. 

But what the Speed Shop is really all about is racing, racing, and more HO racing.

The "Speed Shop" is currently open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 till 9 pm.  There are plans to soon open for even more tuning and racing on Saturday afternoons. 

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Contact: Gary Morgan at:


IKEA Raceway Microbuses 

There isn't a whole lot of slot car activity in San Diego these days, but the one hot spot for HO racing is the brand new IKEA Speedway (Yep, I said IKEA!) in University City.  There is also an occassional T-jet race at Cowles Mountain HO Speedway, a ton of HO slotcar building, testing, and tuning that goes on at the Kensington Speedway. and there is rumored to be a 24th scale track hidden somewhere in El Cajon.  

IKEA Raceway, San Diego -  Proud home of "Beer Racing"

If you want to buy HO Slot cars and parts: the only real source for a broad range of high performance slot cars, motors, chassis, armatures, magnets, wheels, tires, gears, custom built cars, custom painted bodies, HO Slot car track (Tomy, AFX, Tyco, Mattel, Lifelike, Marchon, Model Motoring, Auto World, etc.) controllers, and other accessories is the Kensington Speedway,  RACE READY HO Slot Cars and Parts on eBay and via email at . Other than that there are a few of the typical hobby shops around.  If you want 32nd scale racing, there's a bicycle shop in North San Diego County that has a couple of small Carrera tracks and also sells 32nd cars and parts, but that's about all there is right now (2010) in the San Diego area.


Cowles Mountain Raceway - Scott Ellis'  Dunlap Track

Kensington Speedway - Old location

Iron Man's - Green Wagon Raceway (aka Squealin' HO)