Thursday, October 18, 2012



It's almost Halloween!

We'll be racing at Eddie's this Saturday. 
You just never know who's gonna show up.
See you there!

Saturday October 20th 
Track opens for practice at 8 AM - Racing starts around Noon

SCHOR 2012 Eddie Torre's
(6'X18' Ultra-Fast Custom Bucktrax)


11665 Treviso Way Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701 (909) 944-7509

Saturday, August 25, 2012

BIG SHOT H.O. SHOOTOUT is almost here...

That's right all you slot heads.  The big H.O. race will be next weekend on Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st at Buena Park Raceway in Buena Park, CA.   There are suppose to be a lot of hot shot HO racers coming to this event from all directions  Below is more detailed information on the event.

Friday, August 31st, anticipated schedule

Noon - Track opens for practice

6:30pm - Landshark HO - Brass/Gravity race
(“gravity lift” test in effect)

8:00pm - RJ-Jet - T-Jet race (Fray rules)

Saturday, September 1st, anticipated schedule

8:00am - Track opens, practice (Pro Hardbody)

9:30am - Slot Car Speed Shop - Pro Hardbody race (SCHOR rules)

11:30am - AFX/Racemasters - Mega G iroc race (cars courtesy of AFX/Racemasters)

1:30pm - “Super Raffle” part 1, practice (Superstock)

2:30pm - Scale Auto/BSRT - Superstock race (SCHOR rules)

5:00pm - “Super Raffle” part 2, practice (Neo and Modified)

6:00pm - Slottech - Neo race (SCHOR rules)

8:00pm - Noose Custom Paint - Modified race (SCHOR rules)

Entry fee, for each day, to the raceway is $10 for the first race and $7 each additional race.

Plaques to the top three in each class.
Best appearing plaques for Scale Auto/BSRT -Superstock,
Noose Custom Paint -Modified, and Slottech -Neo races.
TQ plaques for Modified, and Neo races.

Please use correct armature and magnets for each class.
Armatures will be metered and magnets gaussed.
Cars will be impounded after they have been “teched”

Landshark HO -Brass/Gravity, RJ-Jet -T-Jet, Slot Car Speed Shop -Pro Hardbody, AFX/Racemasters -Mega G iroc, and Scale Auto/BSRT -Superstock races will be random draw round robin heats with top five, going into a main.

Noose Custom Paint -Modified, and Slottech - Neo races will have qualifying to set the single ladder heats, and top three times will qualify for the “A” main.

No “track calls” except for cars falling on the ground, and stuck underneath the crossover.

Buena Park Raceway is located at:
6161 Lincoln Avenue, Buena Park, CA


Monday, August 6, 2012

SCHOR Race Results: Race #5 at Dan's 7/21/12

Dan wins 3 races:
Pro Hardbody, Pro Super Stock, & Modified

Lenny (Kravitz) Pincus gets his first win in
Rookie Hardbody

Eddie (The Snake) dominates in NEO
Dan is now building really nice custom HO tracks. He built this one for new SCHOR racer Shawn and we used it for  Race #5.   It's fast, smooth, and everything you could ask for.

Dan wins Pro-Hardbody

Dan wins Pro Super Stock

Dan wins Modified

Eddie wins NEO

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The BIG SHOT H.O. SHOOTOUT RACE is coming...

Yep, that's right all you Slot Racers!  SCHOR Racer Mike Low is putting on the Biggest, Baddest HO Slot Car Race that we've seen around these here parts in a long time.   It's the "BIG SHOT H.O. SHOOTOUT" and it's gonna be held at the world famous Buena Park Raceway (BPR) this coming Labor Day weekend - August 31st and September 1st.  There will be a total of 7 race classes ranging from Brass Cars and T-jets (on Friday night) to a Mega-G IROC, and four more races run under SCHOR rules: Hardbody, Super Stock, Modified and NEO on Saturday.   There will also be trophies awarded for the podium positions in all classes.  So clean up your gear and "get ready to rumble"!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Race Results: SCHOR Race #4 at Mike Low's

Darren wins both Am events 
Hardbody & and Am Super Stock.

Morgan is fast man in Pro-Hardbody

Mike Low dominates Pro Super Stock
and is fastest in Modified.

It was the day right before Father's Day, and there are a lot of Dad's in SCHOR.  Which is probably why we had the lightest turn out of racers in a real long time.  But there were six of us, and with some creative race programing on the computer we had just enough turn marshalls.  Mike has recently done some work on the HAMMER and the tracks rails are now very nicely dialed in.  So it was time to race!   We got on with our usual SCHOR brand of fast and furious HO slot racing, and it was filled with that usual SCHOR fun and laughter.

On this particular day we used a blended format for both Hardbody and Super Stock.  That meant that Darren and Mickey (both Ams) got thrown in to race with the old pros:  Mike, Oscar, Ed, and Morgan.  But just like at Le Mans, they were racing as Ams and we raced as Pros which gave us two separate sets of points and results from those events.

In the Hardbody race Morgan managed to fine a good set-up on his old Tomy Super G+ that put him out in front of the pros, and Darren Angelo had his Tomy Turbo SRT dailed in to take the win on the Amatuer side with Mickey Hurtado running a strong second.

In Super Stock Mike Low had his BSRT G3R completely hooked up and went on to dominate the pros. Once again Darren had the right stuff and took top points for the Ams, with Mickey Hurtado only 2 laps back in a strong second place.

It was then time for the speed.  Mike Low and Eddie Torres had quite a race long battle with Mike walking away in the last heat for a solid, fast win in Modified.

All and all, another Saturday of solid SCHOR racing.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Between February and April of 2009,  Pop Landers and Tripp Raffle hosted the now infamous SlotCar T.V. Show at  It's a real "must see" for all true Slot Car fans.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Results: SCHOR Race #3 - 4.21.12

Sean wins again in Amateur Hardbody

Darren Angelo edges out win in Am-Super Stock.

Dan "The Ace" Cronin dominates in Pro-Hardbody

Glenn "Mr Speed" Gordon takes Pro-Super Stock

Dan Cronin is fastest in Modified.

Ben wins the fastest NEO race ever

Racing on the Riverside at Eddie's in Rancho Cucamoga is something that we always look forward to.  Ed has an amazing facility and always presents a great race program on one of HO Slot Racing's finest tracks.  But this time he took it another step further and he had the race catered!  Talk about spoiling some time they'll be looking around for the dancing pole! 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Results: Results: SCHOR 2012 Race #2

John Cronin dominates Rookie Hardbody and Amateur Super Stock

Ben podiums 4 times and edges out Dan to win in Pro Hardbody

Mark "MRT" MacVittie blister's the entire field in Pro Super Stock

Dan wins big in Pro Modified.

Eddie "The Snake" snatches a close one in NEO


The St. Patricks Day SCHOR race of 2012 will long be remember as one of the wettest race days in SCHOR history.  Our race host Dan Cronin was as prepard as any good race host could be for the stormy weather, but the wind and rain was determined and we battled mother nature all day long.  In spite of the weather challenges we had a great turn-out which produced some great (slightly wet) HO racing.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Race Results: Results: SCHOR 2012 Race #1

"Mystery man" Sean takes Rookie Hardbody

John "The Jet" dominates Pro Hardbody with his Cukras-Mega G

Ben is fastest in Super Stock

Mike Low shows everybody the way in Pro-Modified

It's been a long time comin' but we finally managed to get the 2012 SCHOR HO Racing season underway. There was a great turn-out of SCHOR racers, and our famous So Cal winter weather cooperated too.  This was the very first time that we have raced magnet cars on Mike's new twisty but fast "HO International" layout.  It proved to be a bit of a set-up challenge (lots of 7/25 gears and full brakes!) but in the end the racing was quick and fun.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

SO CAL 2012 Winter/Spring Race Schedule...


As mentioned in the previous post, the So Cal HO racing schedule will get started with a very cool race this coming Saturday on the unique and world famous "KATZ-SPA-RING" at Brad Bowman's place in Escondido.  The SCHOR racing season will open next month at Mike Low's place in Highland Park, where there will be racing on his all new Bowman/Dunlap made "HO INTERNATIONAL" layout. The month of March will be silent, as there is no SCHOR race venue available and Glenn Gordon unfortunately won't be able to hold his annual 8 hour Enduro in Phoenix.  The years second SCHOR race will be in April on the always fast and fabulous "RIVERSIDE BUCKTRAX" at Eddie Torre's HO Racing Complex in Rancho Cucamonga. Then for May SCHOR is scheduled to make a return to the Super Quick  "POCKET ROCKET" in La Habra. This is a far as the official race scheduling dares to go right now. We are hoping to also get a SCHOR race in on Dan Cronin's new "STINGER SCORPION" track, and SCHOR will definitely return to Mike Low's place later in the year for another race on "THE HAMMER", as well returning to Eddie's in October.  "And that's the way the racing is!" - for now.

Saturday January 21, 2012

Brad Bowman
(Huge Katz/Bowman Custom)
Escondido, CA 92029

Saturday February 18, 2012

SCHOR 2012 - Race #1
Mike Low's
(5'X12' Fast, Smooth Custom Bowman)
 Los Angeles, CA 90042

Saturday February 18, 2012

SCHOR 2012 Race #2
Dan Cronin's
CSR Raceway
Escondido, CA 92025

Saturday April 21, 2012

SCHOR 2012 - Race #3
Eddie Torre's
(6'X18' Ultra-Fast Custom Bucktrax)
 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

Saturday June 16, 2012

SCHOR 2012 - Race #4
Mike Low's 
Highland Park, CA

Monday, January 2, 2012

Katz Spa Ring - First Race of 2012 in So Cal...

HO racing in 2012 will start off the year in style with the first big So Cal race being held this January 21st on the world famous Katz Spa Ring (KSR). Most people know the story (click here if you don't) of this amazing HO Slot car track, but very few outside of the San Francisco Bay Area have ever had a chance to race on it. The KSR is now located in Southern California at slot track builder Brad Bowman's place in Escondido. This video footage is from the first So Cal gathering that Brad held this past August. As you can see the KSR an is awesome and unique track with great rhythm and is a blast to drive.