T-Jets in SO CAL

Below is the ORIGINAL video news-story about the late Greg Katz and his amazing KATZ-SPA-RING HO Slot Car Track

 As much as SCHOR is about ultra fast HO magnet racing, it must be pointed out that many of the pioneers and front runners in the current T-jet scene were racing magnet cars in SCHOR long before T-jets became a major force in slot racing.  Actually, I think that one of the earliest Fray (in Ferndale) winning teams was "Team So-Cal" which was made up of mostly SCHOR racers that included: Rick Jocham, Milt Surratt, and Chris Wiley.   Scott Dunlap is another So-Cal Fray Team member and dynamic T-jet racer  who cut his slot car teeth on super fast SCHOR magnet cars.

Below are the websites of  Rick and Scott.  SCHOR
racers that have become national T-jet contributors

Rick Jocham 
Multiple Tjet race champion and high-end T-jet car builder. 
If you need a world beating T-jet just go to Rick's website...  


Scott Dunlap
Another hard core T-jet racer who cut his slot car teeth in SCHOR. 
Parts, controllers, tires, and espcially - Custom Routed HO Slot Tracks