Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IKEA Speedway - CINCO DE MAYO "Beer Racing"

There may not be a lot of slot car racing in San Diego, but what is here might just be the best (okay, the most fun) in So Cal.  Yep, it's Wednesday night "beer racing" at the IKEA SPEEDWAY.

The first race of the season took place very appropriately on Cinco de Mayo 2010 (that's Wednesday May 5th for the unenlightened), which means that things are really just getting started.  But we've already seen some of the usual San Diego HO Slot-head suspects show up.  Racers like Cheatin'-Lite,  Daddy-O, Too-Fast, Iron Man, Guh-Paul, Supra, Kenworth-Tibby and of course our host, Rasta-Man.  There was even a phone call from the infamous "Z-Racer", and a recent email from our expat slot-comrade down under, Baron von StinkEye.

They race everything at the IKEA Speedway, and I mean EVERYTHING! 
This past session featured IROC racing with:

JL T-Jet 500 Batmobiles, 
Auto World X-Traction Jeeps,
Tyco Mattel Twin Mill 440-X2s,

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