Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The super fast and famous one!

This is the “RIVERSIDE”.  It is named after the famous Southern California International race circuit that it replicates.  The Riverside is one of the very first HO slot car tracks that Bucktrax built.  This beautiful 61 foot, Lane-Master timed, high speed, sweeping turn, continous rail, painted Bucktrax is truly one of the nicest and fastest HO slot car tracks you will ever see. Larger and longer than most Bucks, it sits on a 6x18 foot table and boast six very high speed lanes. I believe it was the third of the original trio of big custom tracks made by Dale Buck (all three were made on 6’x18’ heavy duty tables: The Velocity-Dome, The Original Scorpion, and The Riverside).  This was before they began production of the 4x16s and the 4x12s that made Bucktrax so popular across the country.  This particular track was originally made for multiple HOPRA World Champion racer and Scale Auto/BSRT Owner Gary Beedle, and was first located at the Scale Auto compound in Redmond, WA.  It was then brought south to DelMar, CA by Gary Cleverley, where it anchored his “HO Racing and Hobbies” facility back in the mid-nineties and hosted the first three huge Race-A-Rama HO Slot car events, along with being the track and site where the still standing Guinness World Record for 1/64th scale slot cars was set.  It then spent a year at Gary Morgan’s “Kensington Speedway” in San Diego, and finally found it’s current home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA - only a few miles from the site of it’s namesake, where it has been pampered and gently restored by Eddie Torres.  With a record qualifying lap time of 1.487 seconds for NEO class HO cars, this is definitely one of the worlds fastest tracks.

El Serpiente

RACE A RAMA '94' - NEO Race on the RIVERSIDE
at HO Racing and Hobbies in San Diego 

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