Thursday, July 1, 2010

SCHOR 2010 - HO Slot Car Race #7 - Summer ENDURO

Racers and Slotheads

Summer is here already and in the Summer time there's a lot happening, including car races and barbeques.
So in keeping with those traditions, and with the hope of possibly creating another SCHOR tradition, Jim Williams is going to turn his race this month into a ...

Super Stock Enduro & Barbeque

Saturday July 17th
SCHOR 2010 - Race #7


(check out the new video)
(5x14 Custom AFX Track - Banked ROVAL)

The plan is to split into teams, and one of those teams is rumored to be coming all the way from Arizona.    And no worries!  Everybody who shows up to race will be put on a team. This Enduro will be at least 4 hours long with each team running at least 1 hour on each lane.

For more info: Contact Jim Williams

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