Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Miles "Bobcat" Williams
Smokes the field in Hardbody

Morgan is "Too Fass" in Super Stock

"Fast-Paul" dominates in Modified
It was a long and strange Saturday, but in the end we all got through it.  The weather was clear, the track was fast, and the competition was stiff - as always.  Hardbody saw the new rookie, little Miles "Bobcat" Williams take over and crush the pros in Hardbody.  His dad JIm, followed in second place, with their very distant "cuzin" Oscar finishing up in 3rd.  I guess you could say it was a "family affair"- sort of.  
Morgan was late due to a bit of early Saturday morning drama in San Diego, but he made it in time to show off his recently revitalized G3 Super Stock with that new "Blue Bullet" (MRT) hot stock armature, which could not be caught.

"Fast - Paul" got there early and clearly found the right set-up for his BSRT G3R Modified, cause he was dominant all day. 

Another great day of racing is in the books, now we move on to our annual big October race at Eddie's


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