Saturday, October 23, 2010



"Rasta Man" & "Mr Concours"
are winners in Hardbody

Glenn "Mr Speed" Gordon
squeeks one out in Pro Super Stock

"Fast Paul" Katada is the Man in Modified

Morgan is way "Too Fass" in NEO
The weather was pleasant (for Rancho Cucamonga), no floods, rain storms, or wildfires. Except maybe on Eddie's classic Bucktrax "Riverside". Althought the turn-out was not as high as we usually get at Ed's. Overall it was a pretty perfect day of racing. We started at 12 Noon and conducted 10 races (6 semi's, 1 Round robin, and 3 mains) and we finshed at 6 pm. All this was done with error free race management via LaneMaster.  (See Videos)

The Hardbody race was a Round Robin combo of Pros and Rookies/Oldies with Jim Concours Williams dominating the entire field, and Gene "Rasta Man" Bellegarde as the lone but victorious "Oldie".

Super Stock was an amazingly close race (half a lap apart at the end) between "Mr Speed" - Glenn Gordon and Mark "What Lane" McVittie.

Once again, "Fast Paul" Katada had his BSRT G3R Modified dialed in to take a well deserved and hard fought win over Eddie "The Snake" and "What Lane" McVittie  (see LaneMaster video Part #2) .

In NEO "Too Fass" was just too fast! With Glenn and Eddie behind and McVittie finally completing his first NEO race.

All and all, another great day of racing and fun with a little bit that was documented on video.



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