Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Brand New Track for SCHOR Racing...

Mike Low's new HO Hillclimb
About a month ago I sent out a email to SCHOR racers and mentioned that there were possibly new tracks on the horizon that we might race on soon.  Well that prospect is quickly becoming a reality, because SCHOR racer and HO track builder Scott Dunlap (with the help of San Diego CAD man -Ty Brittain) is now producing some great HO tracks with layouts that accommodate SCHOR style magnet racing.  This  latest one is actually the second track that Scott has made for veteran SCHOR racer Mike Low.  This very clever 70 foot long, 4 lane, 5'x15' HO "Hillclimb" track will soon find it's place on SCHOR's racing calendar, and we'll soon be running Modified, Super Stock, and Hardbody on this bad boy.  A big thanks to Mike and Scott for giving us all something really cool to look forward to.

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