Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The KSR: Our HO Racing dream has come true!

It started out as So Cal gossip, then it became a rumor, and it is now a fact that our HO Slot Car Racing dream has come true!

The World Famous KATZ-SPA-RING is now up and running in Southern California.  At 33 feet long by 10 feet wide it is one of the largest HO Slot car tracks ever built.  And considering the high level of craftmanship, realism, and detail, it is most likely the GREATEST HO SLOT CAR TRACK IN THE WORLD.   Lucky us, cause this wonder of a slot track is now located only 30 miles north of San Diego in the town of Escondido, CA.

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Yep, Brad Bowman and some fellow HO racers put in a ton of hard work to move this amazing track 500 miles, reassemble it, and bring it back to life! 

And now the for the VERY BEST NEWS:  Brad is hosting the first race on the KSR at it's new home this coming Saturday August 6, 2011.

Some of you may not know the cool and amazing, yet sad story behind the Katz-Spa-Ring. If you don't you may want to check out this video below. (The original copy of this video was taken off You Tube due to some kind of legal B.S..  But this copy is from Japan, so I guess they can't sue em over there!)

"Run what you brung", but nothing faster than a Super Stock.
Track opens at 10 AM - Mickey's IROC races start around 2 PM

AUGUST 6, 2011


1028 Gamble Lane, Escondido, CA
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