Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Sir Nelson" - Master of Hardbody, does it again!

Rick "Mr. T-Jet" Jocham "Takes Two"
with Super Stock and Modified wins.

Morgan dominates NEO again (where's Ben?).

Our November race finally happened on the first Saturday in December and SCHOR was able to end the 2010 race season with a great turn-out and some really close and fun racing. Rain threatened early in the day, but in the end, it was dry, cool, and we had some serious fun.

There were so many entrants in the Hardbody race that LaneMaster made us run two Semi's and a Main event. But when all of the dust settled, "Sir Half-Nelson" Mark and his trusty Tomy Super G+ Indy car (with broken wings) were once again the dominant forces in Hardbody on the Velocity Dome Bucktrax. But this time he just barely edged out John "The Jet & Legend" Cukras (the designer and master of making the Mega G go fast) by about a half lap (both had 133).

In order to speed up the days race program we tried reversing the order of events so that meant NEO was up next. On this day we only had 5 racers with "healthy" NEO cars so we ran a Round-Robin. NEO races are often chaotic, but this one was pretty much a "Comedy of Errors". Since Ben was absent, Morgan and his very fast P3 NEO car pretty much dodge the "wild traffic" then put the pedal to the metal and "brought it home" for the win.

Next up (in our reverse order) was Modified. It doesn't matter if it's a T-Jet or a Magnet car, Rick Jocham is always a force to be reckoned with. Rick showed up with a smokin' fast Storm modified and showed everyone the way to the flag.

Last but not least was Super Stock which yielded the best race of the day. Rick with his super quick Storm and Eric with his way-fast G3R. The two of them went back a forth throughout the entire Main event. And at the very end of the race, Rick edged out Eric for his second win of the day by a little more that half a lap. A great race!

After all the races we had a brief end of the season meeting to discuss rule adjustment and next seasons race schedule. Details of that meeting and next years race schedule will be published soon.

SCHOR wishes everyone Safe and
Happy Holidays

The Results

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