Monday, January 10, 2011

New Track in Escondido, CA - CFR Raceway...

Since this post was first done Dan has made a serious track upgrade. 

There's a new track in Escondido. The CFR Raceway.  CFR was built by it's owner Dan Cronin.  SCHOR Racer  Len "Lenny Kravitz" Pinkus is now the proud owner of this cool little track, and it is now located at Lenny's place in Murrietta, CA.  Dan has been racing HO Slot cars on and off for a few years.  He actually got his first exposure to HO back in the mid ninties on the big Riverside Bucktrax (Eddie's track) at Gary Cleverley's HO Racing and Hobbies in San Diego (Sorrento Valley). 
The CFR is a fast and smooth 4'x8', 4 Lane Tomy Track, and in the near future Dan plans on adding another 4 feet of length which will bring it to a very racey 4'x12' size.  It uses TrakMate Timing, and the clean DC voltage comes from a TrakMate (Mastech) high-amp Power Supply.  This track is also portable which lets Dan take it just about anywhere he wants to race HO.

CFR Raceway
Dan holds races at least once a week with his brothers and friends, he plans on attending some SCHOR races in the near future.

Kid's like Slot Cars too!

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