Thursday, March 31, 2011

Results: SCHOR 2011 Race #3

"Too Fass" takes Two 
(Hardbody and Super Stock)

Jim Williams dominates Modified

Mark "Downtown BAH" Brown
scores his first Modified podium
and reveals his true identity...

Mark "Treinta Cinco" Brown

The threat of rain and the rescheduling of an NHRA event probably had something to do with it, but SCHORs first 2011 race in Southern California saw a lighter turn-out than usual.  However, the racing was still  just as fast and just as much fun as it always is.  

Three races were on the roster: The first was Hardbody Modified.  Since their were only 2 rookies in the field, we combined them with the pros and ran a round robin. Gary "Too Fass" Morgan running his his Tyco 440-X2 F1 car edged out Jim's Tomy Super G+ by one lap.  One of Jim's buddies, Ken "from 32nd scale" ran in his first HO race and he seemed to have a good time, so we hope he'll return to race with us again soon. 

Next up was Super Stock, and it was "Too Fass" Morgan running a very quick "Blue Bullet" armed BSRT G3R for a dominant win. 

Then came Modified:  Jim Williams showed everybody the way with his perfectly set-up Wizzard Storm that gripped the in-field like a vacuum cleaner and eventually just ran off from the rest of the field.  Big Mark "Rookie/BAH/Downtown" Brown made his first podium in Modified with an amazingly fast car that revealed Mark's new and true indentity..."Treinta (35) Cinco".


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