Saturday, April 2, 2011

The latest 24th scale Slot Car from John Cukras...

Cukra's -  McLaren Can Am  for D3
John Cukras and I were exchanging emails a few days ago, and right after we completed our discussions about HO slot cars he sent me these cool photos of his latest 24th scale creation that he built last Thursday.
But before you collectors start breaking out your wallets, you should know that John built this car to race himself.  Yes, "The Legend" still races on occasion at Buena Park Raceway in So Cal., and this sweet little inline scratchbuilt slot car is for racing in the D3 class.  John "The Jet" Cukras has still got the skills and the magic touch!   And just to give a few props to HO racing, which he is very involved in (he designed the Mega G, Tyco 440X2, and many others), check out the "AFX Racing" logos on this awesome 24th scale Can Am car.

Brass and piano wire

Cool Stickers
"Let the good times roll"

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