Friday, October 7, 2011

RACE REMINDER: SCHOR 2011 RACE #9 is next up...

The weather in So Cal is showing signs of cooling off, but it usually gets hot at least one more time (Santa Ana winds) before we resign ourselves to real shoes and long sleeves. And things are already heating back up in the HO Slot racing scene in So Cal because it's October and that means FAST & FURIOUS RACING ON THE RIVERSIDE BUCKTRAX. Yep, we'll be back at it again at Eddie's a little more than a week from now. As many racers know, the Riverside is the fastest HO Slot track that we have in So Cal (maybe in the world), producing times in the Neo class that are as low as 1.4 seconds per lap over a 65 foot Road Course  (not a Drag Strip).

Vintage NEO Racing on Riverside "1994"

This is the place to let it all hang out!. The races are fun and fast in all classes and Eddie always lays out the "HO red carpet" (okay, the soft gray track mats) welcoming slot racers from far and wide. If you're lookin' for braggin' rights, then these are the kind of classic HO races you want to win. So break out your good stuff and let's get crackin'.

Saturday October 15th 
SCHOR 2011 - Race #9

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