Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race Results: Results: SCHOR 2011 Race #9

Eddie "Break's his Duck" at takes NEO on
The Riverside

Morgan is dominant in Modified

Ben smokes the field in Super Stock

Dan is the fastest man in Pro Hardbody


The weather was perfect, the track was fast, and in spite of missing a lot of the regular SCHOR racers, the turn-out at Eddie's was still large and produced a day of great racing.  We held a total of 6 events, and even had an amateur race in Super Stock.  

The day started with Amateur (Rookie) Hardbody and that race was dominated by little Ryan Schartau a new young racer who's so short he has to stand on a milk crate to see the whole track.  Ryan drove his hardbody car like a pro and dominted the field for a wire to wire win in his first SCHOR race.    

Next up was Pro Hardbody:  Dan Cronin carried over his winning ways from last month's race to end up way out in front in the combined scoring for the two pro hardbody semis.

We moved on to Amateur Super Stock where Darrin Angelo just ran off from the rest of the field to clitch his first big win in SCHOR.

There were 14 entries in Pro Super Stock and it proved to be a serious fight just getting though the semis into the main.  Then the main turned out to be a hard fought battle between Morris, Dan, and All-Pro SCHOR racer. Ben "The Viper" Vasquez.  When the dust settle, once again it was Ben who emerged victorious.

We had a healthy and very fast field of 12 entries in Modified, where Gary Morgan showed everybody that he could not be caught with his G3R/T+ Hybrid car.  Ben was second running a fast Slottech, and Rick "Mr. T-Jet" Jocham was a solid 3rd with his Wizzard Storm.

11 entries in NEO meant there would be hard fought battles and durabilty struggles just to get through the semis and on to the main event.  When all of the dust settled at the end. There standing on the top step of the NEO podium for the First Time in his SCHOR career was no other than Eddie "The Snake" Torres!! Yes, Ed finally as the Europeans say: "Broke his Duck" in NEO and won it all.  Ben pushed him hard ending up second, and Rick had some smokin' early laps driving a fast Cronin prepared T1 to third.

The Results:      

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